Through the Web / Browser

Last Modified:March 26, 2022

Want to try Linux really quickly? This is probably the quickest way to run Linux for Windows. Through your browser.

What is Web-based Linux?

Linux is an operating system and as such can be virtualized. Virtualization has come a long way and it is possible to run linux instances within a browser. So give them a try using your favorite browser.

Below we have listed some of the sites which offer Linux which can run through a browser.

These sites are:

  7. is a pretty cool site. They have a bunch of instances of linux which can be run within a browser.

Linux Operating System

  1. Arch Linux
  2. DSL (Damned Small Linux)
  3. Buildroot Linux

There are other operating systems at as well including older versions of Windows (Windows 1.01, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 2000). There are versions of DOS, BSD and other operating systems as well. has a number of Linux versions as well as different operating systems. They have these summarized under JSLinux, which stands for JavaScript Linux.

  1. Alpine Linux
  2. Buildroot (Linux)
  3. Fedora 33 (Linux) also has FreeDOS and Windows 2000 instances as well

Webminal, which is a play on the words Web and Terminal allows users to open a linux terminal and perform various task such as writing bash scripts, learning python, C, Ruby, Java or Rust. There is even access to mysql tables.

The only caveate is you need to sign up for an account before you have access.

Here is the site,

This is our favorite.

Distrotest is a really awesome site to test out different flavors of Linux. Different flavors of linux are called Distributions. Distrotest stands for Distribution Test. The heart of the system makes use of QEMU as the emulator, and the site is setup to run 380 different operating systems. There are different versions of some of the OSes bring the total number of versions up to 818. That is a lot of variety!

Give them a try at"

CoCalc allows you to run a terminal emulator. You can log in anonymously and create a test project and get used to the terminal.

Try it at" is a sandboxed version of Debian linux. It is powered by the CheerpX virtualization engine.

That would be at

At there is a terminal emulator called JS/Unix Terminal.

JS Terminal can be tried out at



Browser based Linux distributions are a very easy way on discoverying Linux. No install. Just a compatible browser and you can start using Linux.